Help China pets thrive and live lifes to their fullest

About US

Founded in 2015 with head office in Shenzhen, Global Supply E-commerce Co., LIMITED is a leading imported pet food distributor in China.

GSE is committed to seeking and introducing the best-in-class pet nutrition from around the world to China, we believe that China pets could thrive and live lifes to their fullest with love and care from pet owners and the wholesome and balanced diets we bring.

For now, we are the authorized distributor of Nutrience、Timberwolf、Serengeti in China.

Shenzhen Qianhai Global Supply Ecommerce Co., Ltd. is subsidiary of Global Supply E-commerce Co., LIMITED.

Our Brands


The guiding principles of the first generation of Hagens, established nearly sixty years ago, are as much a part of Rolf C. Hagen Inc. today as they were then.

Now in its second generation of family ownership, the company operates its own pet food facility as the means of providing absolute assurance that its Nutrience brand promise is kept, the promise of a food made from quality ingredients that truly nourishes pets to live a healthier and longer life.

“If we’re going to give our family name to something, it has got to be the very best. Our customers trust us and we need to prove we deserve that trust. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be in business.” -- ROLF C. HAGEN

At Timberwolf, we’re focused on creating and delivering premium ingredients that promote nutrition and pet well-being. By uncovering the diets that our pet’s ancestors maintained as they howled and prowled in their natural habitats, we’ve successfully discovered the complete Carnivorous diet powered with ancient herbs. This combination of ingredients promotes a diet that naturally nourishes the body within and promotes a natural balanced weight at all life stages. As our pets grow, their body’s require both nutrition and protection. Each Timberwolf recipe has been crafted to promote natural benefits that lead to long and healthy lives.

At SERENGETI, we believe that all pets deserve the very best.

If you ask us-it starts with food.

New Zealand is the country kissed by nature, with the top of ingredients all around the world.

Our recipes use New Zealand premium ingredients to make delectable and healthy diets for our paw friends.