Help China pets thrive and live lifes to their fullest


At Timberwolf, we’re focused on creating and delivering premium ingredients that promote nutrition and pet well-being. By uncovering the diets that our pet’s ancestors maintained as they howled and prowled in their natural habitats, we’ve successfully discovered the complete Carnivorous diet powered with ancient herbs. This combination of ingredients promotes a diet that naturally nourishes the body within and promotes a natural balanced weight at all life stages. As our pets grow, their body’s require both nutrition and protection. Each Timberwolf recipe has been crafted to promote natural benefits that lead to long and healthy lives. 

For Over 20 years Timberwolf Pet Food has remained aggressively independent and maintained our pledge to deliver “Pet Food the Way Nature Intended”. We’ve been able to accomplish this through including only premium ingredients that naturally nourish both dogs and cats alike. The instant you open a bag of Timberwolf Pet Food, you can smell the difference. Each and every Timberwolf ingredient has been chosen based on our pets instinctive appetites. 

Best Sellers

Cat Food

Timberwolf feline diets are crafted simulating cats’ ancestors diets in the wild, including carnivore specific pet foods with high protein and with herbs. High protein recipes are rich in protein over 50%, with low carbohydrates approach to the raw. These foods deliver optimal nutrition and energy to your cat and support his daily activities. Recipes with herbs provide cats with a natural balance of animal proteins and instinctive herbs, and the distinctive flavor will provide your cat with a more satisfying feeding experience.

Dog Food

Each Timberwolf canine recipe is an instinctive dog food powered by ancient herbs. By combining premium proteins and the natural herbs found within their ancestral diets, Timberwolf recipes deliver the nutrients your dog would naturally find in the wild. These diets aim to support a healthy gut, optimal energy levels, healthy digestion, lean muscle, healthy skin and coat. By alternating feeding the different recipes, our rotational diets would provide optimal nutrition to your dog.

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